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Homemakers Spotlight: Suntek

HOMEMAKERS is proud to shine a light on Suntek

Suntek Will Make You Fall in Louvre

Spring in South Africa is quite a strange season. One minute you feel like summer has decided to show up two months early with the heat and incessant sun. The next minute you wonder if you’ve travelled back to the heart of winter with the freezing wind and cloudy skies. Even worse, the day is lovely, mild and sunny and suddenly it starts to pour down rain. 

How are you supposed to entertain your guests outside, or heaven forbid, enjoy a braai in these conditions? You would need a cover solution that can be adjusted at the drop of a hat. 

Meet: Suntek. 

This innovative and quality driven awning supplier was started in 1995 by André Fourie and has been going strong ever since.  

Their specialised louvre awnings are the most effective and highest quality on the market – how else would they be able to keep up with the changing South African conditions? 

For Suntek, client satisfaction always comes first – as is evident by the numerous positive reviews complimenting their quick response time and friendly service. 

Each and every client in possession of Suntek’s louvre awnings applaud their great product and dedication to service delivery. 

Their louvre awning systems are evidently benefiting restaurants and various business premises. But it’s on the residential front that Suntek’s business is really booming.


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When asked if they would recommend HOMEMAKERS, Suntek replied with:

“Definitely yes. A printed ad that’s eye-catching will always sell a product.” 

Contact SUNTEK for innovative and quality Louvre Awnings: 

Tel: 27 12 542 6112/3


Visit their website:

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