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HOMEMAKERS Brochure and Catalogue Product Offering

HOMEMAKERS made its humble beginnings with print advertising. We still strongly believe in print media but our digital offering has grown to higher levels and we want to share our growth with you. Do you know about HOMEMAKERS’ Digital Brochure and Catalogue Hosting? The service offering is unique because it is the only one of its kind. Our well-established audience trusts us to give them only the best options when it comes to home improvement services and suppliers. Let thousands of new readers discover you with our brochure and online catalogue product offering.


We live in a digital world and are at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, that of technology. According to the Global Digital Yearbook by media companies “We Are Social” and “Hootsuite”, South Africans spend 8.25 hours on the internet a day. That places us sixth in the world for the most time spent on the internet a day and high above the global average of 6.42 hours a day. South Africa also has the highest percentage of mobile subscriptions compared to population size at 170% (98.05 – million). Now is the time to get your company online with HOMEMAKERS by your side.

What you Get

•        Host your brochure or catalogue for 12 months on our dedicated catalogue  section•        We add brochure/catalogue to your company listing•       Brochure to be supplied in PDF format: preferably an A4 Portrait  (best for display) – other sizes can be accommodated•       Enables users to view & download catalogues directly from our website•       Linked to Google Analytics for tracking impressions & page views•       Can be boosted with Google Ads & Facebook package

Wait, There Is More

Your brochures are custom-designed by our in house design studios. All we require is a clear brief to be submitted with photos, logos, copy and contact details. We offer clients interactive, digital features included in the design. This includes video, sound,  interactive index linking to specific pages and much more! We can set you up for as little as R4000 per year!

You will also get a digital brochure icon on your phone display. We create a unique QR code to enable your company icon to display on a smartphone’s screen – just like an app. 

Catalogues get over 1200 page views every month!

Ask for our rate card today!

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