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Distributing Smiles As Far As We Go


Get into the business of client satisfaction distribution

There is something so satisfying about holding a printed piece of media in your hands, rather than swiping on your phone. 

Traditional marketing methods become commonplace because they are effective. They have stood the test of time. Consumers trust physical, direct mail because it has been proven. 

70% of consumers think that direct mail is more personal than online interactions. 

Direct mail open rates are very high and can reach up to 90%. 

42% of consumers read or scan the direct mail they receive. 

62% of respondents to direct mail in the past three months made a purchase. 

39% of clients try a business for the first time because of direct mail. 

Have you ever wondered how your ad inside the expertly curated Homemakers magazine gets to these consumers? 

At HOMEMAKERS, we know how much your business means to you. We also know that you trust us to get your business to over 290 000 homes every month without fail. 

And that’s why we are proud to introduce the team that gets us in your mailboxes and stands every month. 

Take A Walk in The Distribution Team’s Shoes 

Come with our best guys as they arrive at the warehouse at 5 o’clock in the morning, whether it’s freezing or pouring rain. 

Our 3 teams consisting of 8 dedicated runners each are transported all over Gauteng by 2 expert drivers. 

These hardworking lads traverse the suburbs, showing their friendly faces to every homeowner they meet. They become well known to residents who all look forward to their copy of HOMEMAKERS each month. This kind of peace of mind cannot be manufactured! 

Follow our 3 teams as they walk their beats in: 

Johannesburg North, South, East and West; 

All over Pretoria; 

The Vaal; 



Sasolburg and  


These guys love their beats but for added peace of mind, all routes are checked by a supervisor with visual confirmation sent to the control center, and all vehicles are fitted with tracking devices. 

Further free copies of HOMEMAKERS are all lovingly arranged in media stands at high-traffic, convenient stores by Innocent, Wellington, Jan, and their assistants. 

Meet The Distribution Team 

HOMEMAKERS inspires the kind of loyalty a business can only dream of! We are so honoured and proud to have 11 members of our distribution team that has been with us for over 10 years! 

Mbonele Swelindawo  

Robert Mhlaba  

Gabriel Bhanda  

Petros Zwane  

Joseph Makgalanyane  

Walter Mfusi  

Paul Magaubane  

Paris F, Ndlovu  

George Segone  

Bafana Kunene  

Simon Mutaung 

You think that’s impressive? 

Check out Wellington and Jan! 

distributionWellington Shabangu, one of our two supervisors, shares his friendly smile in Johannesburg and the Vaal. Wellington joined the HOMEMAKERS family on 12 January 1998. That’s 24 years of outstanding service! 

But wait, there’s more! Jan Hlongwane, our Pretoria supervisor has been an integral part of the HOMEMAKERS experience for 26 long years! He stepped into the role on 1 March 1996. 

With this level of employee dedication, who else can you trust to get your business into the hands of your clients? 

Advertising with HOMEMAKERS means that your name reaches: 

82 500 digital reach through subscribers and clicks on social media. 

290 000 print editions. 

That’s a staggering total reach of 372 500 potential clients! 

Growth across all house Price Index (HPI) brackets means that thousands of homeowners are ready to invest in home improvements. 


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