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Apps for business

There’s an app for that!

Apps for business
Does your business REALLY need an app? 
Could vs Should

In Jurassic Park, Ian Malcolm famously says:

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

If you are wondering if your business can benefit from a mobile application (an App) you should ask yourself this same question.

Just because there could be upsides to an App for a business, it does not mean that necessarily is something you should be spending time and resources on.

“There’s and app for that”

Yes – app creators and programmers can really make an app for anything.

Don’t believe us, have a look at some of the most ill-conceived apps ever created.

A well-designed App that makes your service offerings easily accessible will undoubtedly be a boost to most businesses.

But will it boost yours specifically?

E-commerce has never been this popular and if your business is selling, you better get online ASAP, but e-commerce can easily be managed with a good responsive online store that has a chat capability.

Running an online store through a dedicated app instead of just as part of a website feels like a waste of money, if you’re a small to medium enterprise.

If your business is more hands on, and practical like construction and maintenance or repairs, maybe you shouldn’t put your money into app development, and rather focus on having a well-designed website and a cohesive social media presence across all platforms.


An App is not a magic-fix

In the end, what will differentiate your business from your competitors, is the level of customer service you can provide.

As long as you have efficient communication channels, quick response times and an impeccable service record and products, your business will do well.


What’s up with WhatsApp?

Another option, before you decide to commit to an App is to simply explore all the digital communication channels available to you and first focus on building good relationships with your customers. Thinking long and hard about if you should, will benefit you in the long run.


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