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Shower and Aluminium Creations

Homemakers Spotlight: Shower And Aluminium Creations

HOMEMAKERS is proud to shine a light on Shower and Aluminium Creations

One of the best parts of living in South Africa is the sheer amount of sunlight that we enjoy per year. There is one drawback, though: the wear and tear it puts on our property. 

South Africa averages 2 500 hours of sunshine per year. Good for braais, bad for the durability of things like wooden doors and windows. Furthermore, average solar-radiation levels range between 4.5 and 6.5kWh/m2 in one day. 

We all need some kind of solution to keep the elements at bay and outside of our homes. We need a product that will not rust, warp, crack or discolour. 

Aluminium frames are the answer. And who are you going to trust for the highest quality aluminium products and professional service? 

Meet: Shower and Aluminium Creations 

With years of experience and technological knowledge, our staff is committed to giving our consumers only the best. 

You can feel secure knowing that we are governed by the South African Glass and Glazing Associations and The Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa. 

Both the public and private sectors can purchase a range of goods and services from Shower and Aluminium Creations. Aluminium Doors & Windows, Frameless Showers, Shopfronts, Frameless Balustrades, and Mirrors are among the goods and services they produce and install. 

They have always placed a priority on effectiveness and client happiness. Our constantly growing clientele refer us for 90% of the work they need to be done. Focusing on both the public and private sectors is Shower and Aluminium Creations. 

Shower and Aluminium Creations and HOMEMAKERS

Though Shower and Aluminium Creations and HOMEMAKERS are in a brand new relationship,   

When asked if they would recommend HOMEMAKERS, Shower and Aluminium Creations replied with:

Contact Shower and Aluminium Creations for quality aluminium products: 

Tel: 012 379 5989 


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