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Homemakers Spotlight: Pronet

HOMEMAKERS is proud to shine a light on Pronet

Pronet casts a shadow on its competitors!

One thing about South Africans, no matter the weather, is that we love the outdoors. Whether it’s spending quality time with our friends or loved ones around the pool, or stopping for a quick fuel up and snack on a road trip to somewhere in this beautiful country, you’ll find us congregating outside. 

The only possible fly in the ointment is that, no matter how much we love sunny South Africa, the sun (or oftentimes the rain) likes to make it tough for us to soak up some nature. 

That’s where Pronet comes in. 


Looking for a cost-effective but long-wearing shade solution at home? Pronet is the way to go. 

Considering offering protection from the elements for your employee’s vehicles on-site? Pronet is your first call. 

Any shade or covering need you might have, ranging from Residential Parking Bays, Car Wash Bays, Pool Shades, Patios, Restaurants and even School Playgrounds, you will be ensured to receive the highest quality materials and most professional service from Pronet. 

Pronet was started in 1986 by Fernando Gonsalves and is still running smoothly under his leadership.  

Their points of pride are reliability, professionalism, efficiency and the fact that all of their materials are proven to be durable and of the highest quality. 

The excellent workmanship and dedicated specialist eye for detail will draw you in, but their continued support and maintenance will keep you hooked. 

HOMEMAKERS is not the only heavy hitter taking note of Pronet – keep an eye out for their work with Coca-Cola Nigel, M&T developments, WBHO, Gothic Construction and Imperio just to mention a few! 

Pronet and HOMEMAKERS have been working together for over 30 years! They especially love the services HOMEMAKERS offer with advertising in Pretoria and Johannesburg as well as using our listing boosting services. 

Pronet shows that the proof is in the pudding, and always recommends HOMEMAKERS to anyone interested in growing their company. 

Contact PRONET for any and all shade needs: 

Tel: tel:+27119693831 


Visit their website: 


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