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newsletter feature

The Newsletter Feature – Best Digital Product

Did you know that you can hitch a ride with HOMEMAKERS and feature in our monthly newsletter? Your company’s name can appear to a whole new world of subscribers, who are specifically interested in companies like you. We look at the benefits and why newsletter marketing is so successful despite many social media platforms out there. Our marketing team helps you build an online presence with creativity and strategy.

newsletter feature

How does it work?

It works like this. You simply reach out to a HOMEMAKERS Sales Executive and they take it from there. 

Our dedicated newsletter reaches its own readers on a monthly basis. These readers are unique as they have signed up for our newsletter for a good reason. That is because our newsletter features brilliant topics and ideas shared by professionals and other leaders in the industry.

Further, your story will be placed on the newsletter hotspot. This is a space allocated on our newsletter that gets the most clicks. 


Our readers take our word for it. When we show our readers that we believe in you, so do they. Our email marketing campaigns paired with well-written blog posts helps your business thrive in more ways than one.

Our team can help you set up a high-quality advertorial for your company and share it with thousands of new readers. We help you write the best-suited copy to make your business stand out from your competitors.

Email marketing has for years, been the most successful form of online marketing and must form part of any growing business’s marketing strategy.

The article is then also linked to our popular blog and shared on our busy HOMEMAKERSonline website.

Benefits of a Newsletter Feature

Newsletters are an excellent way to connect to new customers. It also helps you build a good social media presence. It increases traffic to your website and puts your brand in front of a brand new audience.

The best part is that you get in on our database which has taken years to build and maintain. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Our content team then adds their SEO magic into the article as part of your company’s new brand awareness strategy.

Get noticed in our newsletter. Get noticed online and increase your sales!

Book your newsletter feature today.