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Bring your Newsletters to Life

Newsletters are still one of the most successful ways to generate leads online. They have been around for many years and still beat all other digital marketing strategies in the game. 

Newsletters have taken on many different shapes and sizes and currently, very-personalised newsletters are trending. This means that companies take the time to track customers’ buying behaviour and by doing so, generate newsletters that are personalised with the products and services you show any interest in. 

Good Content 

Good content is vital for a good newsletter. Make sure your information is relevant and up to date. Provide useful and interesting content that your subscribers might want to read and come back for.  

Your headline is most probably the most important. You need to grab your readers here or you will lose them before they even open your email. Get creative with words, and if that is not an easy task for you – find a professional who can help you. 

It is also important to optimise your mailers for mobile. Many people work from their smartphones and getting a newsletter that is all scrambled never enticed anyone. Single column designs and slightly larger fonts are a safe bet to make sure that people will be able to easily view the entire width of your message on any smartphone. 

Layout and Visuals 

Keep things clean and simple to avoid unnecessary distractions and hold your readers’ attention from beginning to end. Create a layout that is easy to navigate for your reader. Taking the time to consider your layout and visuals will take you that extra mile. Pretty imagery still makes people click. Visme explains: “Design principles require creating a sense of what is important to the reader through the use of position, size, colour, contrast and shapes. At a glance, it should be very obvious what elements are the most important and what you want the reader to focus on. Effective use of font sizes and colours is the easiest and most common way designers can create a sense of importance within the body of an email”. 

Videos and Gifs 

Your average viewer’s attention span is less than 5 seconds, which explains why videos and gifs help with newsletter engagement.  GIFs are an easy way to draw a reader’s attention. Get creative and create fun ones that are aligned with your brand identity. Videos are also very popular in newsletters because sometimes people want to watch and not read.  

According to the Video Marketing Trends Survey Report: 

  • 93% of marketers use online video for marketing and communications. 
  • 60% use video for email marketing 
  • 82% of marketers stated that video marketing has had a positive impact on their business or organization