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A blog or newsletters, which is better?

Once the concept of online marketing comes naturally to you, you may consider a blog or newsletters to form part of your online communications. Before deciding what you think is best for your customers, you need to see what each of these online communication channels bring to the table.

We look at the differences between the two as well as the advantages of each.


A blog is a website on its own or it is posted on your website in a separate category. It is indexed by Google making it great for your SEO. The blog allows you to update your customers and share essential information, just like we do here on the HOMEMAKERS Business Hub blog. You will need a relaxed style of writing and the know-how to create blog posts that are easy to read, visually striking and of course informative and reliable.

Customers and fans can subscribe to your blog and share your posts publicly. This will generate traffic to your site. Blog posts also allow comments and likes giving readers the opportunity to start a discussion. This gives blogging its interactive appeal.


Newsletters are still one of the most successful ways to generate leads online. They have been around for many years and still beat all other digital marketing strategies at the game.

Newsletters have taken on many different shapes and sizes and currently, very-personalised newsletters are trending. This means that companies take the time to track customers’ buying behaviour and by doing so, generate newsletters that are personalised with the products and services you show an interest in. Customers can also subscribe to your newsletter. Unfortunately, newsletters cannot be indexed by Google unless you save your newsletter on your website.


It is important to remember that noteworthy blog posts and newsletters take time to put together and is something you need to brainstorm regularly. When you set up your blog or newsletter, try and give customers a reason to subscribe. Subscriptions should also be a very easy process for people to do. Encourage readers to share your well-thought-out content. Take the time to promote your blog or newsletter on your other social platforms and make sure you keep your content relevant and read-worthy.

Whether you choose a blog or newsletters, make sure it suits your products and services. Don’t forget to add a piece of your personality into the mix. People who read blogs and subscribe to newsletters do so because they like you.

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