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gutter innovations

Homemakers Spotlight: Gutter Innovations

HOMEMAKERS is proud to shine a light on Gutter Innovations

gutter innovations


Rain is such an interesting phenomenon. When it hasn’t rained, we all call to the heavens for those first few drops to fall. Water is the source of life, after all. 

But the minute the clouds gather when we are hosting a social gathering, we feel like the rain conspires against us. “Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day!”. 

With the South African annual precipitation at 469.9 mm, we can sing our song as much as we want. Dealing with rain is a reality. 

So, how do you have your fun in the outdoor entertainment area or on the patio without soaking your guests? 

Meet: Gutter Innovations 

This innovative and quality-driven gutter manufacturer and supplier was started in 1993 by Hans van Vuuren and Ken van Rensburg and has been going strong ever since.  

Gutter Innovations install rainwater systems on residential houses as well as industrial and commercial buildings. 

They manufacture a unique 85mm round downpipe with the superior flow of water capability. 

Gutter Innovations pride themselves on their capability to do bespoke designs and installations, ensuring that the client gets exactly what they need and more than they could imagine.   

“We like the out-of-the-ordinary, weird and wonderful!” 

Gutter Innovations and HOMEMAKERS

Gutter Innovations and HOMEMAKERS have been working together for just under 30 years! They love HOMEMAKERS’ print services and newsletter features and have been very successful in using online listings. 

When asked if they would recommend HOMEMAKERS, Gutter Innovations replied with:

“Homemakers is and always was our route to our clients” 

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