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The Power of Exhibitions

Our Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo is done and dusted for 2020. The event was one of our most successful yet because we did a few things differently this year. That being said, our biggest customers are the group of exhibitors, working day in and day out, for one solid week in that Ticketpro Dome. The hundreds of business owners, who come year after year to sell their products directly to the consumer in a very competitive place. Those are our consumers.

Believe us when we say that there is a lot of competition. Businesses with the same services are seen all over the Expo arena. The question we should be asking is, why do these business owners keep coming back despite their rivals right there with them? The answer is simple. Expos work.

Here we share a few things we have learnt from Exhibitors over the years.


Deciding to commit to a big project like an Expo takes serious commitment. From the painstaking build-up to the relief of the breakdown, Expos are hard and it takes a hard-working team with a love for what they do to make an Expo as successful as possible.


Expos are a great place for you to introduce or even re-introduce your product to new customers. Homeowners are not always renovating and they may disappear from you radar for a few years. When it’s time to start renovating or upgrading again, those customers might connect with you once more on the floor. They believed in your product once before, so chances are, they will again.


Exhibitors who return to HOMEMAKERS know that this is a great way to market your business. This year’s overall Expo stand winner was Sequ-Door. They, for example, have believed in the HOMEMAKERS brand for many years and will continue to do so for good reason.  We have been with HOMEMAKERS for so many years and winning is a big honour for us”. 


The Expo arena forces entrepreneurs to think outside the box. With so much competition in close proximity, business owners need to get creative to make their stand eye-cathing. From custom stands and professional signage, read more about ways to stand out at Expos here.

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