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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Exhibiting

Brands attend exhibitions to show off or promote their goods, technologies, and services to their target market. It serves as a venue for in-person communication and places an emphasis on fostering consumer connection. Furthermore, a captivating exhibition space means that more people will be drawn to your stand. Your brand and your target market are in the same place at the same time – which can only lead to fantastic results.  

– Exhibitions Put A Face To Your Product  

Think about reaching your customers like going on a date. Sure, the texts you send beforehand show your potential date who you are, what you have going for you and how good you are at curating your responses. But when you’re sitting together, face to face, the real chemistry starts bubbling. 

You can cold-call, send e-mails and advertise to your clients until the cows come home, but for a client to see your brand ambassadors, experience your products or services in real life, and allow the business chemistry to react is the most effective way to make that long-term commitment.  

Exhibitions are the perfect place to do this kind of marketing. By gathering contact information through contests or promos, you may also build a solid database of potential clients you can contact after the show. 

– Exhibitions Are Effective And Low-cost Marketing  

In the past, we used to market to whomever was watching television, reading print or walking past a billboard. We had to hope that the adverts were reaching our target audiences. These days, we can use online marketing analytics to make sure we only reach those customers who really want what we have to sell. 

Take it one step further – or more like a thousand steps further – by connecting with your target audience at an exhibition that is set up specifically for your business category. That way you know that every potential client walking past your stall has your specialisation in mind and is receptive to your offerings. 

You won’t need to spend thousands on getting that big online platform to show your ads only to a particular audience – that part has already been done for you. You just need to make sure that your exhibition space is eye-catching and effective. 

– Know Thine Enemy 

Spying is not okay. Okay? But it is inconceivable that you should walk past the stalls of your competitors at a trade show with your eyes closed. It is inevitable that you’ll see what the other companies in your field are up to. You can judge the emerging trends, see what everyone is steering away from and also get a feel for the various niches that might be available for exploitation.  

This is the time to see what your competition is doing, applaud their efforts, and then allow your R&D department to come up with something that will blow them out of the water. 

Even nature is in a constant arms race – so it’s only natural for your company to take what others have done, keep what can be improved upon and smile smugly at your partners about the parts that the competition has woefully gotten wrong. 

– Exhibitions Help Test The Waters 

Exhibitions or trade fairs are the perfect time for market research! Test out your new products, ideas or services to see how receptive the clients (who are already interested in your field of expertise) are to them. 

There are times when we get stuck in an echo chamber since all of the experts in our company already have a particular state of mind. This means that a product or service that we spent months or even years developing, which looks fantastic to everyone in the industry, just falls flat when it reaches audiences. 

Exhibiting at a trade fair means that you can test as many ideas as you wish – in the form of freebies or promotional material – and you will receive real-time feedback from the clients on the ground. 

You’re convinced! Exhibiting is the way forward! Now what? 

Luckily for you, HOMEMAKERS Fair is back and rearing to go in 2023. 

The Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Fair pushes us to almost 30 years of exhibition excellence. Why would you choose to set up a stall at any run-of-the-mill expo when you can choose the Fairest of them all? 

Exhibiting with us guarantees you’ll connect with an audience of discerning homeowners who are looking for quality products, services and experiences to add to their homes.  

Don’t delay – contact one of your Fair Sales Executives today! 

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