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Not Your Granny’s Pamphlets

The first step to getting clients is, of course, letting them know that you exist. Clients can’t make use of your service or purchase your product if they don’t have the facts. One way to make your mark that should never be underestimated is the use of print marketing such as pamphlets and brochures. 

Brochure Backstory/ Pamphlet Prelude 

Before Gutenberg changed the world with his printing press, information used to be circulated on handwritten paper newspapers. These papers would include news and information but would also be used to inform potential clients of a particularly esteemed business. 

Pamphlets were among the first printed materials, and they were widely used in England, France, and Germany.  

But Digital Exists, Why Waste My Time? 

You spent hours and rands on creating your online footprint. You don’t see why you still need to consider something as positively ancient as a pamphlet or a brochure. 

What you are not considering, is how all the digital time your clients spend could be making them numb to another ad popping up on Facebook or Instagram. 

Humanity’s attention spans are shorter than ever before. This means that your business will have to broaden its advertising platforms as much as possible to reach the targets you have set. 

How many digital ads have you actually stopped to read without just scrolling by to the next post? Your business must capture offline customers to compete. 

Pamphlets and brochures have long been used to disseminate business information. Not only do they provide a physical presence that can’t be scrolled past, but they actually supply a sense of the familiar to digitally overwhelmed clients. 

Many studies have proven that we pay more attention to printed words than their digital counterpart. You naturally want your marketing to draw and hold the attention of potential customers. That’s where pamphlets and brochures come in. 

Do Pamphlets and Brochures Still Even Work? 

Definitely. Just check out these direct marketing statistics in the US: 

Direct Mail Statistics: Overview 

70% of consumers conclude that direct mail is more personal than online interactions. 

Direct mail open rates are very high and can reach up to 90%. 

42% of consumers read or scan the direct mail they receive. 

62% of respondents to direct mail in the past three months made a purchase. 

39% of clients try a business for the first time because of direct mail. 

Why use Brochures or Pamphlets? 

Pamphlets and Brochures are super effective. The reasons include: 

– They are an affordable way to market. 

– Pamphlets can be printed at short notice. 

– Brochures and pamphlets are perfect for promoting events. 

– They work with digital perfectly. 

– Pamphlets and Brochures with QR codes or make it easy to measure their success. 

– They are a physical, tangible marketing tool that won’t be lost in an inbox. 

Leave The Work to Us! 

HOMEMAKERS’ Distribution Division offers your business:
– Targeted distribution in the area you want to reach
– A piggy-back on SA’s largest and strongest direct selling circulated publication
– A pamphlet design that works for the industry

Let us take care of your pamphlet design and printing! To make it easy for you, we take charge of the creative side of things to design and print your marketing material. 

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