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Do Pamphlets and Brochures Still Even Work? 

Definitely. Just check out these direct marketing statistics in the US: 

Direct Mail Statistics: Overview 

70% of consumers conclude that direct mail is more personal than online interactions. 

Direct mail open rates are very high and can reach up to 90%. 

42% of consumers read or scan the direct mail they receive. 

62% of respondents to direct mail in the past three months made a purchase. 

39% of clients try a business for the first time because of direct mail. 

Why use Brochures or Pamphlets? 

Pamphlets and Brochures are super effective. The reasons include: 

– They are an affordable way to market. 

– Pamphlets can be printed at short notice. 

– Brochures and pamphlets are perfect for promoting events. 

– They work with digital perfectly. 

– Pamphlets and Brochures with QR codes or tracking numbers make it easy to measure their success. 

– They are a physical, tangible marketing tool that won’t be lost in an inbox. 

Leave The Work to Us! 

Let us take care of your pamphlet design and printing! To make it easy for you, we take charge of the creative side of things to design and print your marketing material. 

Don’t wait one more day to get your business into the hands of the customers who want to spend with you. Contact one of our expert sales representatives today.

Advertising with HOMEMAKERS means that your name reaches:

82 500 digital reach through subscribers and clicks on social media.

290 000 print editions.

That’s a staggering total reach of 372 500 potential clients!

Growth across all house Price Index (HPI) brackets means that thousands of homeowners are ready to invest in home improvements.


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