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listing boosting

How HOMEMAKERS’ Listing Boosting Can Improve Your Business

listing boosting

HOMEMAKERS listing boosting will grow your business

How many ads do you think you see per day? Over 100? Over 1000? Keep going… 

Digital marketing experts estimate that most internet users are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. That doesn’t even include print or radio ads. 

If you have to click past 4000 ads a day, don’t you think that you would only pay attention to the ones that appeal to you directly? 

How do you think your clients feel when they see an ad that looks just like all the rest and pops up when they are not interested in engaging with it? 

How are you supposed to reach these clients? 

HOMEMAKERS is here to help you. 

Maybe you already have someone taking care of your social media and google ads. And maybe you even experience a few leads from these ads. 

Unfortunately, if you don’t pay enough attention to the format and frequency of your ads, it’s like throwing money into the water. If your click through rates, SEO and meta-descriptions are lacking, you could just as well be sending clients directly to your competitors. 

HOMEMAKERS doesn’t just offer you the convenience of hosting, posting and curating all of your online advertising. We also ensure that your ads reach an audience that is willing and excited to engage with your business. 

With our listing boosting, we ensure that your business gets to the front of the line when customers are searching for services like yours on Google, Facebook or Instagram. 

With your name being the first in their minds, the chance of click-through rates increasing is a given. 

With HOMEMAKERS, it doesn’t matter if your clients are on a desktop or mobile devices. Your well-timed ad will turn eyes into clicks. 

Why opt for listing boosting with HOMEMAKERS? 
  • Increase Website visits 
  • Get more phone calls 
  • Increase store visits 
Our Boosting Offering: 

Boosting Online Products R 4 000 – PER MONTH 

Various social media platforms and Google ads 

  • Can be used for listings, digital brochures & articles
    • Extra images & copy added to listing to optimise SEO 
    • Monthly Google analytics reporting on listing 
Let Us Do the Hard Work for You!

We get it. Not every business has the time or the mental headspace to deal with one more way of advertising. It’s a bit of a pain, no argument here.

The excellent news is that HOMEMAKERS is ready, willing and super capable of helping you reach your digital advertising goals!

We offer fully comprehensive digital advertising management. You won’t believe how much your company will benefit once we get a hold of it.

Our team of specialists improve your Google Ads performance by up to 350% in the 1st month.

We are the experts in Google Ad campaigns for the Home Improvement Industry.

Join Us in The Future of Marketing

Don’t delay the boom in business that your company deserves. Contact one of our expert sales representatives today.