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Charities to support

Worthy Causes to support

Charities to support
As promised – we are making charity easier than ever!


Charitable giving is a two-way street.

Not only does it make you feel good, but it also promotes better personal values and moral actions.

Donating to charity and becoming involved in the community of charitable organizations, even just as a silent spectator and donor, will also create a sense of gratitude and awareness of your own privileges.


Bringing charitable giving into your business can benefit your employees as it gives a sense of community and social involvement.

To help you reach your altruistic ideals, we’ll be shining a spotlight on various vetted, worthy causes in the form of South African charities each month.

This month we are focussing on a charities that assist schools and learners with all the back to school essentials that they will need to get right back into action, come January.


The Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation

“We help indigent and orphaned children by donate groceries, clothing, toiletries, stationery.”


Help Rays of Hope

“When children start the school year we want to ensure they have the necessary resources to keep up with their schoolwork and homework. A full hamper of stationery (x2 pens, x2 pencils, box of coloured pencils, ruler, eraser, sharpener, pair of scissors and x10 A4 72 pg softcover books and a pencil case) will help these kids get a great start.”


Lace Up 4 Schools

“We work with schools on their school feeding initiatives and provide children with resources to enable learning.

Providing a pair of school shoes helps children by protecting their feet, especially those who walk long distances to and from school. It a welcome relief and instils a sense of confidence and hope for their future.​”


Helping children go to school, and more importantly, stay in school will benefit the hole of South Africa. Education is our greatest tool in the fight against poverty!