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Virtual Expo

Virtual and Real Expos

Virtual Events

Imagine having a successful event that you have run for years and then suddenly being faced with the reality to turn your usual Expo into a virtual event. Everything needs to be the same, but different. Virtual shows and events have been launched during lockdown for obvious reasons. People could not attend large gatherings and social distancing at such large events could have been logistical nightmares. We look at the benefits of virtual shows and events, why people crave the real thing and how the two can be used to benefit one another in the future.

Why Virtual Works 

According to Aventri, virtual events are a crucial part of your business. From being a convenient platform for shoppers to its flexibility, virtual events are also a much cheaper option. “Thanks to virtual events, the overall cost of putting on your event will be greatly reduced, 75 per cent less expensive to be specific. Planners will save on staff, venue, setup and takedown, attendee’s hotels, meals, travel costs, and so much more”. 

It is also easier to make connections and collect feedback in the virtual space. Virtual event registrations are great for collecting email addresses and having attendees online makes it easier to get instant feedback too. This can be done via a poll or by starting a conversation in your comments section.  

Why the Real Thing Works Better 

Exhibitions are always a fun place for people to go to. It is a platform for face-to-face interaction and allows your brand to connect with its target audience. Expo visitors come because they want to see live demonstrations and they’re hoping for a jam-packed goodie bag. Despite digital marketing and advertising being at an all-time high, people are still emotionally invested in personal experience. Ideally, you want visitors to engage with and talk about your products. There are many creative ways to do this, but creating a real experience for your audience helps you build your brand awareness. 

Virtuality and Reality 

The two seem to have made a killer pair. What many companies have learned by incorporating virtual events and platforms is that it is great added value to any live event. Having a virtual event go hand-in-hand with your real event is key to a successful event. The combination of the two can greatly benefit the customer experience and overall customer satisfaction.