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Unplug the office

Many businesses close for the festive holiday season. This means that your office may be left unattended for anything from a few days to a few weeks. Prepping your office for the quiet period will take some effort on your behalf. Therefore, coming up with an easy plan to cover all bases while away is a good idea if you want to prevent any major damage when you and your staff are away.

Today we are looking at five ways to “unplug” your office for the festive season. These easy-to-follow tips can be done within a day. Assign employees with little jobs to get it done faster!

Freshen Up

Ask employees to clean up their work stations. This makes it easier for cleaning companies to do their job efficiently and effectively. Any personal items or snacks should be removed from the office to avoid unnecessary pests.

Defrost and Clean

If you have an office kitchen, you will know how food and all kinds of perishables can collect in the fridge. Start by defrosting the freezers. It’s advisable to throw out all the old food. Empty out all the bins and have the rubbish removed from the office.

Unplug It

Unplug appliances and computers. Turn off all the lights, ensuring the emergency lights are still in working order. Turn the water valves off to prevent any unforeseen leaking. Having the main power shut off can also be helpful when there are storms that may cause flooding and electrical breaks which can lead to fires.

Security Checks

Make sure you have regular security checks at the office while away. Make sure all doors are still locked and windows are properly closed. Many businesses hire security to walk the perimeter of the office a few times a day. This is a job for the professionals, as things can get dangerous if you encounter an intruder on your own. 

Lastly, Spread The Cheer

Christmas parties are not on every company’s to-do list. A fun way to get the office in a festive mood is to let them decorate the office for the last week before you close. Even something as closing an hour early every day in the last week is a great way to motivate employees.


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