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Unlocking Businesses for Success

Unlocking Business

The world is changing and we are having to adapt to new ways of life and business. The face of business has changed significantly and we need to change the way we do business too. Below, we discuss ways to unlock your business for success.


In these unprecedented times, we need to let go of our current understanding of business and adapt to new ways. This adaption may be finally implementing ideas and systems that have previously been put on hold or exploring new innovations and systems. Recognise that change can be a painful experience but you have the choice to sit in the corner in denial or get up and embrace it. 

Adapting allows you to explore and develop creative solutions. Spend time really thinking about how you can tweak your products, service and skills to meet needs rather than wants.

Using the Cloud

The move to online systems makes running your businesses and streamlining communication more effective when your workforce is working remotely. Using cloud-based services for your CRM, accounting, sales communication and reports means all relevant parties have easy access to the latest information. This way everyone stays in the loop without the confusion of emails going back and forth.

Use Technology

When it comes to staying top of mind, digital integration is your friend. Make sure your website is up-to-date and post regularly and relevantly to your social media pages. An email newsletter or WhatsApp message will show that you are still running. This is the time to take up new opportunities and show that you are available to give advice, share lockdown specials and sell vouchers that can be redeemed once the industry is unlocked.


Your business may not be able to operate as usual right now but you need to be ready to hit the ground running once you can. In addition to technological options, stay connected with individual clients by communicating with them while there’s time. 

Use this collective experience to tell your story and find out how your clients are handling this time. Whether it’s a phone call or message, show empathy and build trust with your clients by simply checking in and letting them know that you are working on solutions. Follow up as promised to see if they still need your help and find out if there is any way you can help them remotely. They will appreciate and remember the gesture.


Networking and collaboration are vital to getting the economy going quickly, which will benefit everyone. We need to learn to champion the industry as a collective by promoting others. If you get a lead or spot an issue that can be better resolved by another company, recommend them. If you receive a lead that is out of your area, pass it along to a fellow business in the relevant area. Strengthen the industry by filling in the gap where you can. 

The Way Forward

Looking ahead, has recently been launched and features an ever-increasing source of Business Tools including information and templates for businesses to use to stay ahead. 

Practically, the way all businesses operate is already changing. Proactive self-regulation in terms of sanitisation in all aspects of the business is quickly becoming a norm. There will be a need to adjust health and safety protocols and ensure these are effectively communicated with staff and clients. 

As businesses and individuals, we have been forced to look at the way we live and work with new eyes. As businesses, we need to release that we need to change in order to survive. Sub-par service is no longer enough to get by as we are all using our money a little more wisely. The world has changed and as challenging as it may be, this change is a new opportunity to deliver our best and set the benchmark for the future of business.

Sign the petition if you agree that the home improvement and related industries should be opened sooner than Level 2 of the lockdown.

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