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Tips to help you succeed with digital advertising

You’ve decided to include digital advertising in your next advertising campaign, but you’re not too sure where to begin. Adding digital advertising to your existing strategy can be daunting, and with words like algorithms, multimedia and SEO floating in and out of conversations, we understand that it can be scary. But the stats are out and combining digital platforms with traditional advertising efforts is a great way to get more business.

96% of Business to Consumer (B2C) marketers say that Facebook is their most valuable platform. Among Business to Business (B2B) marketers, LinkedIn is a favourite, with over 93% claiming it is the most valuable platform for business. Top marketers are using a multimedia approach to generate more business for a good reason – it works! Here are our top tips to get you started.



Take some time to discover social media for yourself. Sign up to your best-suited platform and watch other companies in action. The better you get to know the platform, the easier it will be for you to utilise. Create a Facebook page for your business where customers can see constant updates and new products. Here you can create targeted adverts with a budget you choose. Facebook is surprisingly helpful and shares daily tips to increase potential customer reach. Social media ads are a great option for small budgets. Once your following starts to grow, you can sign up to Instagram, create a Twitter account and who knows, maybe even join Pinterest.



Blogs have become one of the best ways to connect with consumers directly. More recently, personalised newsletters have become a popular tool to connect as well. Create a newsletter that links back to your website and social media pages to increase traffic. Whether you are trying your hand at an informative blog or a personal newsletter, be reminded that you need to be consistent and creative. A dormant blog or a newsletter that pops into your inbox twice a year is worth very little.



Display ads come in all shapes and sizes. They can usually be found on your favourite news sites and blogs and appear as banners and sidebar ads. They have become a successful tool to drive traffic to your site by sitting on other popular websites that are related to yours. For example, you can buy a banner ad on our HOMEMAKERS website and get visitors to click on your ad that will take them straight to you! 

Digital advertising is simpler than you might think. Making it a success is all about being present, consistent and authentic. This will help keep your business at the top of people’s minds resulting in more leads for your business.

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