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TikTok Marketing

TikTok Marketing for your Business

When Tik Tok launched it was what some perceived as something for the youth. 16 – 24-year-olds take up 40 per cent of TikTok users but the other 60 per cent includes just about everyone else. First made famous with mediocre dance challenges and wannabe singers, more recently older generations and many brands have found unique and creative ways to explore and use the world of TikTok for business – especially if you are in the home improvement industry. Showcasing your before and afters, and showing customers how you get things done – TikTok was made for you.   

Because TikTok is primarily a video platform, it gives companies a chance to take visual advertising into their own hands. TikTok encourages businesses to be part of the platform and offers a TikTok For Business option. TikTok For Business is where you can unleash your brand’s creative side. A fully immersive, no judgement world where there’s an audience for every voice.  

No matter how big or small your business, TikTok believes your brand deserves to be discovered. The latest TikTok statistics show that, as of January 2021, the platform has 689 million monthly active users worldwide (DataReportal, 2021) making TikTok the seventh-largest platform in terms of users, ahead of others that have been around much longer such as Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter.  

TikTok Marketing


Get to Know Tik Tok   

TikTok is an iOS and Android media app used to create and share short videos. TikTok is available all around the world via the App Store or Google Play stores. It was initially launched as an application called Douyin in September 2016, in China. The following year, the app was launched by ByteDance for markets outside of China. TikTok and Douyin both use the same software, but maintain separate networks to comply with Chinese censorship restrictions.   

Sayed Balkhi writes “The last thing you want to do is join a social media platform and look like you don’t know what you’re doing. Study the platform if you don’t want to get shunned by users on TikTok. By studying what type of content works on TikTok and how to interact with others on the platform, your business can fit into the culture naturally”. Get to know the platform to create content that works for your brand. 

Video Marketing   

Forbes contributor Marcia Layton Turner says, “As the use of video continues to rise in all aspects of life, from entertainment to instruction to news, it is becoming a bigger marketing influence. Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing 2020 reports that the number of businesses using video as a marketing tool has increased from 61 per cent in 2016 to 85 per cent in 2020. Part of the reason for the rising investment is that consumers now watch an average of 16 hours of online video per week, a 52 per cent increase since 2018. And they still want more”.  

Customers want to connect with the brands more than ever before. Finding your business on TikTok and while allowing younger generations to find your brand online.   

Grow Your Audience  

Being more discoverable online is the ultimate goal of digital marketing. One thing we’ve certainly learned is that managing social media is not easy. Strategy and planning are important when you actively want to build your brand’s awareness online. Posting without really thinking about that post and how it can benefit your business is crucial. As with any social media platform, it’s best to get to know the platform and to discover what works for you.   

Top tips to help you get started on TikTok  

  • Post regularly. We’re talking four to eight times a day.   
  • Participate in the trends you find on the For You page on TikTok.
  • Go live daily.
  • Repurpose your TikTok content for your Instagram and Facebook audiences.  

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