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performance appraisals

The Unending Value of Performance Appraisals

“A performance appraisal is evaluating an employee’s current and/or past performance relative to his or her performance standard.”

– Gary Dessler

The generational gap in the modern workforce is more of a gaping chasm these days. Finding engaging ways to connect with and evaluate employee performance can help you bridge it.

The benefits of appropriate, consistent, and regular performance appraisals cannot be denied. Find out how to make appraisals work for you.

Appropriate appraisals can:

– Structure career growth and assist in succession planning for the business.

– Improve performance and evaluate growth

– Increase employee engagement

– Help determine development areas

– Clarify expectations of both employer and employee

– Allow for open communication channels

– Provide a record of past performance discussions for easy comparison

There has been a discussion over the past years regarding appraisals. It centred on what type of evaluation process and schedule will actually benefit more modern business structures.

Chat, don’t Chastise!

According to the Bizimply blog, Small Changes That Can Make a Big Difference, it’s important to remember that a performance appraisal should be a dialogue.

“Performance management is not just about dealing with poor performers. It is a process that begins with getting the right people, setting the right employee expectations. Coaching employees to deliver efficient, high-quality service. And dealing with under-performance in a proportionate and appropriate manner.”

A performance appraisal cannot be a substitute for structured, consistent and regular feedback. Nor should it be the only time when problem areas are brought up for discussion. Performance appraisal should not simply be a disciplinarian action from the top down.

Workplace disciplinary actions should be dealt with as needed. It should be a completely different way than annual, bi-annual, or monthly performance appraisals.

Now the question remains. How do I successfully engage my employee in a performance appraisal discussion?

Mind the Gap

Let’s be honest. There is a good chance that there is a generational gap between most employers and employees. This has always been the case. Baby Boomers grew up, professionally at least, under the guidance of the austere and risk-averse Silent Generation.

These Boomers taught Gen X all they know. In doing so they shaped their outlooks on life, work and what a work-life balance means. (To most boomers it means that if you don’t die at your desk, you retired too soon.)

As an antipole to the stoic, “shut up and do it” generations of yesteryear, we now have Millennials and Gen Z’s. They have a distinctly different idea about what makes for a fulfilling career path.

No one works for the same company for 40 years anymore. No one cares for the golden watch send-off.

More than just “snowflakes”

Older generations would be amiss if they interpret this as a lack of loyalty. Yes, situations like the great resignation showed us that Millennials and Gen Z’s are more comfortable with quitting when they are unhappy. But if you look at these generations as a whole, they still exhibit strong social and personal morals. They hold themselves and institutions to a very high standard.

Look past the TikTok challenges and see that they are the youth who are on the ground, actually tackling a range of issues. They are outspoken about climate change, discrimination and corruption of all forms. They are also against inequality and mental health intolerance.

If you understand your youthful workforce you will understand how important it is for your values to align with theirs. This is how you get an innovative, loyal, creative and vibrant team that will solve your business issues before you even knew they were problems.

As a business owner, you should adjust your performance appraisal process. You should engage with your employees. This is how you can tap into a resource you might have never known you had.

Praise the Appraisals Here

For further advice on what performance appraisals can look like, visit this link which discusses various open-source technological advances to assist you in getting the most out of your team.