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The Power of Exhibitions

There’s something special about businesses, customers and products connecting in one place and the exhibition platform is the best place to create that connection. Unlike other means of marketing, exhibitions offer businesses the opportunity to showcase their brands and services while communicating their key messages. People who attend expos are proactively looking for a deal and that fact alone can help you generate more leads. At an expo, you can give potential customers a real feel for who you are and what type of service delivery they can expect.  

The exhibition arena is a platform where you can have a direct impact on people’s perceptions of your service or product. It’s where you get to network and meet other industry experts, enabling long-lasting relationships. The HOMEMAKERS Expo is targeted at businesses and people who are passionate about home-improvement and fine living.

For many successful years, we have welcomed a diverse range of professionals who keep coming back. With over 27 years of expo experience, HOMEMAKERS Expo is one of the most prestigious events for professionals working in the art of home design, renovation, and décor. Our celebrated shows bring together a comprehensive product profile:  home improvement, interior & exterior finishing, furniture, décor, textiles, bathrooms, kitchens, gardens and so much more – spanning the depth and breadth of the industry. The power of the expo is mightier than you may think, and this is why.


Exhibitions are always a fun place for people to go. It is a platform for face-to-face interaction and allows your brand to connect with its target audience. It’s important to have a stand that is professional looking and most of all, inviting. The first step is to get customers to visit your exhibition stand and then find a way to connect with them through your products and services. Expo visitors come because they want to see live demonstrations and they’re hoping for a jam-packed goodie bag. Despite digital marketing and advertising being at an all-time high, people are still emotionally invested in a personal experience. 


Exhibitions are a great place for you to launch a new product or service and it usually generates a crowd of interested customers. Product development is an important factor in running a successful business, and there is no better place to test the waters than at an expo. People who visit exhibitions are looking for the newest and best products they can get their hands on, and creating some hype at your stand to see the response, can provide valuable information about your prototypes and how they can improve. 


In the expo arena, your stand becomes a shop-front for your business. It’s important to keep your company’s brand in mind when designing and positioning your stand. Ideally, you want visitors to engage with and talk about your products. There are many creative ways to do this, but something as simple as branded giveaways can create memorable experiences for your audience helping you build brand awareness.


Sales are generally at the forefront of the exhibitor’s mind and visitors attend expos because they want to buy and sometimes even negotiate. Your exhibition stand is where you will give customers that human touch and special discounts, and they will in return, give you those upfront payments. This is what visitors are expecting and there is no better place to employ this method for sales. According to UFI – The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, approximately 32,000 exhibitions directly involve 303 million visitors and nearly five million exhibitors across more than 180 countries. More impressively is the fact that worldwide, exhibitions generated more than 140 billion US dollars of direct spending by visitors and exhibitors.

From being an opportunity for large numbers of buyers and sellers to come in direct contact with each other to be one of the most effective ways to establish new customer relationships, getting a stand at a HOMEMAKERS Expo in your region is the best thing you can do for your business. Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo kicks off the year in February 2020 and you can’t miss the opportunity to expose your business to thousands of new customers.

Still not entirely convinced? Look at these expo stats according to our last survey: 

  • Over 46% of attendees are there for the first time. This means you access a whole new group of potential customers who did not attend in previous years.
  • Over 64% of visitors are discerning homeowners looking to upgrade, renovate or redecorate their homes.
  • Over 66% of the visitors are looking for new products. That’s 2 out of 3 visitors who are looking for something new and updated.

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