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4 ways to stand out at expos

The HOMEMAKERS Johannesburg Expo is only a few weeks away. If you are one of the exhibitors you know how busy things can get before setting up your stand at the show. Visitors find the concept of the expo rewarding because everything they need is all under one roof. But the influx of competition in the expo arena for exhibitors can easily affect your business and selling strategy. Use these helpful tips to help your business stand out at the Expo.

Promote Your Business Before The Show

Letting people know about your exhibition presence is important and can make a difference in the number of people who may visit your stand. Make use of our HOMEMAKERS hashtags and join in on the online conversations. Keep an eye out for our posts and comments that you can directly engage with. This will help you generate more brand awareness. 

If your stand will feature any specials make sure you share it via your social channels. Make sure you update your social feeds before, during and after the exhibition. Take advantage of our HOMEMAKERS print publication and get an advert in there to let thousands of people know you will be at the Expo. Visitors that see your promotional material before the show are more likely to look for your exhibition stand when they arrive at the venue.

Get Visual With Stand Design 

Ideally, you want to put a lot of effort into your stand design. Choose an exhibition stand that is functional, well designed and stands out. Unique designs with bold graphics will help make your stand noticeable – even from far away. The goal is to attract people and capture their attention visually.

HOMEMAKERS also has a panel of expert judges who choose the best stand every year. The winner gets a free stand at the 2021 Expo!

Reward Your Booth Staff

It is important to have a strong booth team at any Expo. Your team needs to give visitors the right impression about your business and the services you offer. Ensure your staff is easily approachable, friendly and professional. Make sure they can answer any question a visitor may ask.

Rewarding staff for good performance is a great way to keep your stand buzzing. Something as simple as giving a staff member who generates the most leads during the Expo a prize is a great idea. This could be in the form of a voucher or a day off. 

Create An Area For Visitors To Unwind

The hustle and bustle of the Expo environment can be very overwhelming for visitors. With an overload in marketing materials and selling pitches, visitors will be seeking a place where they can relax. Make sure your stand is easily accessible with comfortable seating to make this work.

When potential new customers visit your stand lure them in with a cup of coffee and a quiet place to sit. This will give visitors the idea that you care about them and by giving them a place to chat about your services is a great way to get personal with your potential new clients.

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