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Show Your Employees you Care

It’s not easy being the boss. Knowing how to balance your work persona and your fun persona can be difficult to juggle. Most of the time, it’s all work and no play when the boss is around, but it is no reason to forget to tell your employees that they matter. We have said it before when employees feel appreciated, they are willing to go that extra mile for their boss. Here are a few ways to show your employees, you care!


Above and Beyond

According to Forbes’ John Hall, “It isn’t enough to simply assist your employees with work issues — a great leader should keep his eyes open for ways to help out with personal issues as well. My co-founder had difficulty trying to find a place to rent, and I saw her frustration every day. Instead of throwing money at the problem, I went to the complex where she wanted to live and talked to the manager. She got a spot within a week. To this day, I think she knows I would do anything in my power to support her, which has created a loyalty that’s hard to break and invaluable in a business relationship”.

Be Flexible

Flexibility in the workplace is essential to employees, and when they see it being practised, you are guaranteed to have that employer stick around for longer. Deepak Bhagat, CCO at Applify, writes “I’m leading a web development and design company called Applify and understand that rules are important for employees. That said, not every rule can be applied to each employee. Don’t be afraid to make exceptions if required. Be flexible when it comes to timings and working styles. When you’ve learned to do that, see how your employees won’t stop raving about you”.

Offer Growth Opportunities

This is a big one. If you see your employee doing much more than their job description, it is time to re-assess what their role is in the workplace. Acknowledging the fact that they are helping your business grow is a great way of showing appreciation. Medley’s CEO, Chirag Kulkarni, agrees. He says it is important to give employees new resources to expand their horizons and provide them with opportunities to take on projects outside the scope of their usual duties.

Employees who grow together, stay together.

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