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The HOMEMAKERS Seal of approval

As you may know, HOMEMAKERS takes the credibility of advertisers very seriously. Especially when it comes to home improvement experts who have been advertising with us for many years. HOMEMAKERS has always offered a vetting process for advertisers, allowing customers to feel at ease when starting a new home improvement project. This HOMEMAKERS approach towards trustworthiness is an easy way to offer customers peace of mind when choosing an expert. In 2020, customers will be encouraged to look out for the new “Seal of Approval” from HOMEMAKERS. 

You can easily spot a vetted expert in our printed publication or on our online listings by the badge they carry. The seals are a symbol of reliability for experienced contractors and suppliers who have also undergone the HOMEMAKERS background check. This means that companies with this badge have been proven to be reliable purely by their track record. Basically, a token of good business practice. 

The HOMEMAKERS Seal of Approval is also a surefire way to get more customers. Customers who see this badge on your listing are more inclined to choose your company for their home improvement needs. Let’s look at why being a vetted expert is a good idea.


Having the Seal of Approval gives your company the credit it deserves. People are more sceptical than ever to give their money to strangers these days. Avoid the awkwardness of potential customers probing you with questions about your track-record and get the HOMEMAKERS Seal of Approval to help you seal the deal.


Reliable customers look for reliable companies and suppliers. It’s as simple as that. Linking you with customers who know what they want, and pay on time is a bonus for any home improvement company. Becoming a vetted advertiser along with the HOMEMAKERS Seal of Approval is a smart way to connect you with the right customers.


Allowing the HOMEMAKERS vetting procedure before advertising and being awarded a Seal of Approval is now easier than ever. Keep an eye out for our new website launching soon to help you on your way. You can also contact your nearest HOMEMAKERS office to get more information. Alternatively, contact us here.

Make sure your company gets seen in 2020 and get the HOMEMAKERS Seal of Approval to help you on your way. 

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