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Print is making a comeback

Print is making a comeback and it’s something you can thank notorious Millenials for. Their obsessive, overuse of digital platforms has left a void for their follow-up generation, Generation Z, or Gen Z for short. 

They are the demographic falling after the Millennials. Gen Zs were born between 1997 and 2012. They are also the demographic who are quickly becoming the largest generation of consumers. According to this Reuters article “in a world where just about anyone can be a ‘publisher’ and post fake news, audiences are starting to question the validity of their sources and Gen Z seems to trust print publications over other media to deliver credible information”. 

Gen Zs were born into the digital world. They do not know life without smart devices and this has, in turn, made them crave an authentic experience before spending any money. One of the ways of connecting is through print media. They want to look at printed catalogues and advertising booklets. 

So how do you cash in on it? We suggest going with the trends and sticking to print because your next generation of customers want to spend money with people they trust and feel connected to. Let’s look at why and how you can hook the next generation of big spenders with print media.


It’s difficult to stand out online these days. Businesses are forced to spend money on online advertising just so that they show up in a Google search. Hundreds of thousands of competitors are right there with you online making the internet replete with advertising. The best way to stand out is to choose print to boost your credibility on and offline. Successfully merging your on and offline marketing strategies to benefit from each other can help you in the long run.

Most of your competitors are not marketing offline. If you choose print advertising, you can reach an audience who is simply not interested in looking online for information anymore.


Make your marketing message interesting enough so that your audience can take action easily. In your print advertising, you can incorporate a series of incentives like; limited offers, discounts, special events and competitions. You can also incorporate QR codes. QR codes are square, two-dimensional barcodes. Like other barcodes, a QR code stores info in a machine-readable optical label. 

When a customer can scan your QR code with their smart device it will take them to a page where they can share their information, like contact details. Getting that information is an aspect of lead generation.

We have written numerous articles on why print is still relevant. With the influx of digital advertising over the last few years, one may think that print is redundant, but the truth is quite the contrary. Get your ad in HOMEMAKERS today!

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