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Marketing Strategies for the Holidays  

The Holidays are a special time of year. With so much to celebrate and our focus changing from work to family, our businesses need to stay on top of the game to make sure we make that last sale. Statistics have proven that marketing during the holidays should be holiday-related and the reason for that is simple. People pay extra attention during the holidays especially in terms of visuals, texts, and promotions or sales. Your marketing should appeal to everyday emotions and stand out! We look at a few marketing strategies to employ this holiday season.  

Emotions are Key

According to Inbound Rocket analysts, many people are under the impression that the way they make a decision is purely based on reason. The truth, however, is that all individuals make decisions emotionally after which they justify their decisions with reason. Keeping this in mind, a successful holiday marketing campaign should be an emotional one. Try focusing on feelings that fit with a particular holiday like giving back, or gratitude.   

Online Media

Depending on your type of social platform, it is vital to make sure your content is easily accessible and easy to share. Email marketing is still the front runner here, with Instagram and Facebook coming in at a close second. Timing is crucial, and make sure your emails and posts are timed before, during and just around the time that your sale is about to end. The thought of missing out on a great sale is a powerful way to get some last-minute sales via social media.  

People also love countdowns – make use of this opportunity celebrating the end of the year with specials and promotions. 

Keep it Trendy

Solomon Thimothy from Small Business Computing says, “trends aren’t just for fashion anymore. You’ll find trends wherever you go. Companies can take advantage of this theme to create holiday-related content. Shoppers love top-product lists. Use the holidays to provide insight into the best tools within your industry for the coming year. Similarly, you can also do a review of the year’s best”.