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Redundant products

Know when to let go

Redundant products
Out with the old (year)
Be more like Elsa…

In life, it is important to know when to let go…of old clothes, toxic people and broken appliances. Dragging along these things just because they used to mean something, or define you, is nothing other than a burden, hampering your growth.

The same goes for redundant specialized products that still clog up your inventory or service offerings, even though they are way past their metaphorical “best before” date.

Let It Go!

Redundancy mean that something is added or remains part of a product or service even when it does not serve any purpose and will not influence the usefulness or practicality of the product or service if it is removed.


Basically, a redundant product is like deadweight. Taking up space and adding nothing.

Usually, its easy to let go of this kind of product, because its obvious that it no longer serves a purpose.

The trouble comes in when these products formed part of the core of your business and helped define who the company is and whet it is known for.

Its hard to know when a specialized product has become redundant…even harder to let go.

Think about the hypothetical last person who ignored the signs and purchased a shipping container full of blank cassette tapes…and wonder how much warehouse space that took up before the decision to scrap the unsold tapes was finally made!


Unfortunately, in business, there is no room for sentimentality.

Streamlining your products and services and getting rid of redundancies will greatly improve your productivity and benefit your bottom line.

One of the most important aspects of any business is managing inventory and supply chain. Luckily there are many online courses and resources to help you do just that.

To help you skip the sentimental trap of a metaphorical warehouse full of blank tapes. Look into these: