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Tips to keep your business afloat from home

Running a business from home certainly holds many challenges, and if you are a home improvement supplier even more so.  These suppliers’ livelihood more often than not depends on meeting face to face with buyers in either a showroom or at the prospects home.  

The current lockdown has stripped those options and now we need to find ingenious new ways to do business.  Necessity is the mother of invention. 

In this article, we unpack business tips to assist the home improvement supplier during the lockdown period. 


Communication with customers is key for business owners during this testing time. Stay top of mind with regular updates, make it real, we all appreciate this now more than ever before. Explain how you are able to assist now and post COVID-19. Remind your customers that you care about them and about their health. Share important information with them like special discounts you may be offering. 

Make use of an informative and regular newsletter, it can be a one-pager sent via Whattsapp or email to all your past clients. It is easier to retain a current client than gain a new one. 


Make it easy for prospects to get hold of you.  Update your website with your cellphone number and use it on your newsletter.  Get a call tracking number to ensure you never miss a call.


Now is the time to really get creative with your brand awareness and advertising. Think out of the box.  Have a referral discount for customers who share your information with others. People are always asking their friends for the contact info for reliable services suppliers.

This can also apply for your online advertising. Get followers to mention you on Facebook and Instagram and offer them special deals if they do so, or the chance to win something. To make an imprint on someone’s mind, you need to be creative with how you grab their attention. Read more about creative advertising here.


Advertising reminds customers that you exist and there is no better time than now to reflect on your business and how you will attract customers. Watching the bottom line and getting more bang for your buck becomes priority.  This is however not the time to stop advertising. Taking a cross-platform approach, a combination of print, online and below the line, is now crucial. You want to stand out, you want to be the one they remember and you want to show that you have survived the crisis and are ready for business.   Read more about advertising in trying times here.


Is there a way for you to still be face-to-face without breaking the law? Consider doing Zoom, Skype or Hangout consultations.  Ask clients to give you a Whatsapp video call, present their problem area and quote them, with the necessary t&c’s.

Make sure your disclaimer to them includes the quote is subject to a site visit if this is possible in the near future. People are doing tons of research now and make sure you are one of the suppliers they contact for a quote.


Now is a great time to run a special or offer discounts. Customers are also feeling the pinch and offering a special deal will have them loyal to your business later on. As mentioned above, when you are offering a special or discount, make sure you win by having customers share your information with others or online. 

Stay consistent and your customers will appreciate it. Find more business tips right here on the HOMEMAKERS Business Hub

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