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The January to-do list: Inspect your fleet.

Whether you only have one bakkie, and you only ever drive it yourself, or you have a delivery and service vehicle fleet of 30 cars, trucks and bakkies with multiple drivers. When you inspect and maintain your fleet, certain things have to be in place.

Inspect and maintain your fleet

Getting Certain Routine Tasks Out Of The Way Can Be A Game-Changer In The Long Run

The new year is here in full force. If you had a good 2021 and a busy December, chances are that business is booming once again, with very little real-time for a break or even a breather right now.

While we can’t give you a summer holiday all over again, we can help with some of the planning which in turn might save you headaches later in the year.

This month we suggest you look at an important aspect of your business: your Fleet.

Check Licences

Vehicle licences and driver’s licenses are imperative to keep updated.

  • Are they valid?
  • Are they visible?
  • How can they be renewed with the least possible downtime?
  • Insurance companies won’t pay for damage to a vehicle if the driver doesn’t have a valid driver’s licence.
Revise Your Vehicle Insurance

Insurance companies are willing to amend your premiums based on your claim record and can even offer slight discounts if you tell them you’re investigating competitive quotes. Use this to your advantage. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Check the terms of your insurance. Are the drivers still under the age of 25? Is the vehicle still kept overnight in the prescribed circumstances?

Spare Keys

Where are the spare keys kept and are they easy to access? Rather take the time to confirm their status, instead of being left in the lurch when disaster strikes.

Roadside Readiness

The AA suggests that every vehicle has the following:

  • first aid kit
  • spare tyre, tyre jack and tyre iron
  • tyre pressure gauge
  • jumper cables
  • vehicle manual
  • a flashlight and multi-tool
  • a Reflective triangle
  • maps
  • paper towels or a hand towel
  • notebook and pencil
  • a Blanket 

Instead of just checking emergency features, ensure that other parts of your fleet are also in order. Including but not limited to:

  • indicators and headlights
  • tyres, and wheel hubs
  • vehicle hooter
  • windscreen wipers
  • seat belts and number plates
  • central locking system
  • external storage compartments/canopies
  • after-market safety features
Service Booklet

If you have more than one car in your fleet, be sure to make a note on your calendar about routine services and plan around that.

This list might seem obvious, but you know as well as we do that slip-ups happen and can cause a lot of stress in any business. Rather be safe and be sure.

You’ll thank us in the long run.


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