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Increase creativity at the office

If there is one place you do not want creativity to stall – it’s in the office. Creativity is often the last thing business owners may think their employees need, but the truth is that creativity is a vital part of good employee performance. Employees who are allowed to express their creative thoughts and ideas turn out to be more productive. 

Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman says “today’s workplace isn’t always set up to encourage optimal creativity and that we should learn to redefine “productivity” when it comes to the creative process because it’s not going to look the same as getting things done”.

Whether you consider yourself a creative or not, there are always ways to help boost your employees’ creativity to improve the overall output in the workplace. In this post, we share tips on how to spark creativity in the office.


In many cases, you need fresh perspectives on new projects or products. By encouraging employees to collaborate, they can come up with new views and ideas that they would probably not have thought of if they worked on something alone. Companies can encourage collaboration by ensuring there are creative places or specific offices for people to collaborate in.


Don’t get stuck with old ways of thinking when it comes to the potential of your employees. Many companies hire people with similar working skills to complete specific jobs. Teams with more diversity can incorporate a variety of working skills, which can inspire other people. This way team members can learn new things from colleagues, leading to a better-connected team. 


Trying something new can give you the inspiration you may need to get out of a creative slump. Doing something small like taking a new route to work or ordering something new for lunch can make a difference in your creative output. Encourage your employees to do the same. Routines can get awfully boring, and changing things up will always inspire creativity.


Creativity can spark anytime. People are unique and have their own ways to find inspiration. The office environment can be stifling to many and considering flexible workplaces and times are a good idea. Set work hours can make employees feel locked in which has a direct effect on their creativity. Offering flexible hours can encourage them to work harder in environments they thrive in. 

Creativity is rewarding and it’s important to allow your employees to unlock their full potential by allowing new approaches to old ways. If you need more inspiration to encourage employees this time of year, you can read how to boost their performance with these helpful tips.

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