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How We Can Help You Reach Your Ideal Target Market

As a small business owner, one of your biggest concerns will be to find new prospects to keep your sales pipelines chocka-block full. How can you go about identifying and reaching new leads and convert them into loyal customers? One way to minimise wasted advertising is the use of targeted marketing in a publication like HOMEMAKERS Here’s how our lifestyle magazine is ideally positioned to help you build your business’ customer base and reach.


There’s little point to advertising your home improvement products or services to consumers who don’t have any interest in what you have to offer them. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to convince them to make a purchase, no matter how hard you try. This is why we’ve done our homework to ensure that the right businesses place the right ads with us that then reach the right people.

Here’s what you should know:

  • We distribute to 705 000 households across South Africa, reaching a captive audience of more than 1.1 million homeowners every month.
  • Our target market distribution is to upper-income households: LSM 8-10.
  • The age of our readership ranges from 31 to 50+.
  • 61% of our readers – or households – earn R20 000+ each month.
  • 82% of our readers have completed home improvement projects in the last 12 months.
  • Our lifestyle magazine is conveniently delivered to our readers’ doorsteps or email inboxes – for free.

We only distribute a print copy of our lifestyle magazine to a customer at their request, while the digital version of our magazine only gets emailed to those who’ve joined our monthly email distribution list.

This ‘opt in’ factor means that our publication arrives in readers’ post boxes or email inboxes as welcomed content, and not as spam or garbage mail. This increases the chances of each edition (and the adverts running inside) actually being read.


Over 1000 home-improvement companies rely on us for their home improvement advertising needs. We provide multiple touchpoints for potential customers to engage with the adverts in our print and digital publications.

Each regional HOMEMAKERS publication gets handed out to attendees at our ever-popular, regionally-based HOMEMAKERS Expos. This provides our advertisers with a great opportunity to be discovered by a broader customer base.

Our monthly newsletters, sent by email, also include links and buttons to our website, giving our readers the opportunity to download the digital version of HOMEMAKERS or to browse through our lifestyle magazine online.

With over three decades of experience in showcasing the latest home-improvement products and services in the country, we have a trusted brand and reputation for you to leverage for your own business’ advertising and marketing purposes.