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How to Inspire Brand Loyalty

brand loyalty
What Is Brand Loyalty And How Do You Cultivate It? 

When it comes to marketing jargon, the gold standard for any business seems to be “brand loyalty”. 

But What Does This Mean, How Do You Cultivate It, And Does It Really Matter? 

A brand is an intangible marketing and business concept used to create awareness and recognition of a product or service. A well placed and developed distinctive brand will give you a competitive edge over other, similar businesses in the same industry. 

Enhancing Your Brand Through Attention To Detail Can Create A Strong Brand Personality.  

E.g., Your teams always go the extra mile when on-site and are known for leaving a worksite cleaner than how they found it.  

If this is what your brand becomes known for around town, this can be what you build your “personality” on.  

Once you have a clear brand personality you can then work on cultivating brand loyalty.  

Brand loyalty differs from customer loyalty, in that customer loyalty is based on tangible and changeable aspects such as price and availability. A customer will only stay loyal as long as it makes financial and practical sense for them to stick to your brand. Disruptions in supply and fluctuations in price can easily cause large scale customer abandonment for smaller brands that do not yet have a pool of deeply loyal brand followers.  

Brand Loyalty, On The Other Hand, Means That Your Customers Will Continue To Choose You.  

Only when your business absolutely cannot help them will they grudgingly and temporarily use a different provider. 

A brand loyal customer is the one who will go without instead of abandoning your brand. There is something deeply personal about being loyal to a brand and people have different reasons for it. Think of those cross-generational customers you might have. Those entrepreneurs who started their own businesses by using you and are now captains of industry in their own right, and still only use you! 

Chances are you already have one or two deeply brand-loyal customers. It would do well to identify them and insure you keep their business.  

When times are tough and other customers abandon ship, the true loyalists are the ones who will keep your business afloat. 

How Do I Inspire Brand Loyalty?  

Well. It’s straightforward, but not necessarily easy.  

Cultivating robust brand loyalty takes:  

  • Attention to detail,  
  • Impeccable workmanship,  
  • Excellent communication,  
  • Honesty and consistency. 

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