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How HOMEMAKERS’ Advertorials will get you past ad blockers


HOMEMAKERS advertorials will get your business to new clients

Advertisements often go overlooked. Have you noticed how your eyes kind of, just scroll past an ad on your screen? 

Sure, we can all name a few of our favourite ads from TV when we all still used to watch religiously. Remember the Cremora ad that taught us all that: “it’s not inside, it’s on top”. 

Why do we remember these ads so vividly? It’s because they do more than just list the attributes of a product or speak about a service. 

This is exactly why advertorials work so well. 

Advertorials are the way to go because: 

– Advertorials get you past ad blockers;  

– They increase engagement by displaying as an article;  

– There is more copy to sell potential buyers on your product. 

An advertorial is perceived to have more authority than an advertisement. The copy informs rather than sells – even though the point is to promote your product. 

This means that consumers are more likely to spend time reading the content since they are learning as they go regardless of the selling aspect. This sparking of curiosity ensures that your readers engage with the copy and are therefore more likely to be interested in the service or product being advertised. 

Consumers will also associate your ad with the reputation of the publication. Everyone knows, for instance, that HOMEMAKERS only works with reputable suppliers. If your advertorial appears on our platforms, potential clients are assured that you and your company has been vetted and can be trusted. 

Roughly a quarter of Internet users block advertising. Your fantastic and informative ad could just never reach these users. 

If your click-through rate (CTR) is just not as hot as you want it to be, advertorials can help. 

Conventional ad copy has its place, but advertorials actually help sell those customers already looking for your product.  

In an advertorial, a reader receives engaging and creative content including detailed product information, specific features and benefits all in one easy to enjoy package. 

We do this by using: 

– Exceptional imagery 

These aren’t just stock images to look pretty on the page. These are your products or examples of services delivered directly integrated into the copy. 

– Guides and steps 

Ads are meant to be short and impactful, but they don’t take the time to really put your potential client’s mind at ease with details and how-tos. An advertorial has the space to do exactly this. 

– Promotions 

Promotional codes within the advertorial content improve engagement and can be tracked to see what works best.  


How can HOMEMAKERS help? 

If you choose to use our advertorial service you will be investing in:  

– A dedicated article written by our copywriter, featuring your products with images and promotions. 

– A feature on our HOMEMAKERS Media Holdings Home Page, Category Pages and Ideas Page. 

– An easy and engaging way for potential customers to get to your listing or website. 

There really isn’t any reason to wait. 

Contact us today to get your advertorial featured. 


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