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How expos get you ahead

The 2020 Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo is well on its way. With so many opportunities presented in the HOMEMAKERS expo arenas, you simply cannot miss the opportunity to see how expos can get you ahead. Exhibitions are a unique platform to build your business repertoire, to meet old and new clients and to showcase any new products or services you may have to offer.

One can see expo season as a way of getting the inside scoop of the industry. Here you can see what your competitors are doing, talk to customers on-demand, and know that people are there because they are ready to spend. Let’s have a closer look.



It’s important to know your competitors. At expos, you get to see what your competitors are doing or are planning on doing in the near future. It’s easy to find out general information on what your competitors are doing online, but it does not give you a chance to actually understand what they are getting up to. 

Exhibitions also give you the opportunity to watch all the market leaders in one place. It allows you to understand your competitors better so that you can plan your next marketing strategy more effectively.


Dreaded cold-calling or telemarketing. No-one likes to do it and it often leads potential new customers feeling irritated. The exhibition arena levels the playing fields for both supplier and consumer, allowing you to engage with customers who most probably came looking for you. 

Exhibitions are not only a great marketing strategy, but it’s the best way to grab the attention of your target market.


As mentioned above, exhibition visitors are always in the right frame of mind when attending a show. They are there to spend money and have waited months to get all the best suppliers under one roof. Considering this, it’s really important to design a stand that will grab customers’ attention. Ideally, a customer should be attentive enough to appreciate the exhibition stand. If done successfully, it will give them a fair understanding of how you run your business too. Find some stand design inspiration.

Still not convinced that exhibitions are for you? Read these facts and stats to get you in the right frame of mind. The HOMEMAKERS expo franchise can help your business go the extra mile. Find out more today!

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