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How homemakersfair helped trellidor grow their business

Let’s face it: consumers of today like to do things on their own terms. This includes how they go about accessing information about a business’ unique products and services. Prospective customers can either visit your store, browse through one of your print catalogues, search your website, or scroll through your business’ Facebook account to familiarise themselves with your offerings. They also might use a blend of the above channels to find out what they need to know about you.

For a small to medium business owner, this means intentionally making use of a variety of marketing and advertising channels as part of your marketing activities. HOMEMAKERSfair has made it easier for our clients to reach their ideal customer base by providing them with both a print and digital advertising space in which to promote their home improvement products and services.

This blog takes a look at how one of our longest-standing clients, Trellidor, has benefited from advertising with us over the last 30 years.

Why Trellidor chooses HOMEMAKERSfair

Trellidor is a brand name in South Africa that’s strongly associated with slam-lock gates and security barriers for windows and doors. In fact, when most South Africans mention slam-lock security gates in conversation, they generally refer to them as ‘trellidors’ – an indication of how strong a name the business has made for itself since its fledgling beginnings in 1976.

For 30 of its now 37 years, Trellidor has trusted HOMEMAKERSfair to help reach its prospective customers. Trellidor’s Marketing and Sales Director, Peter Rawson, had the following to say about our magazine.

HOMEMAKERSfair has been great touch point for people looking for good quality security from a reputable company and it’s been an excellent platform to introduce new products to the market and to announce the opening of new Trellidor franchises.

“Over the decades, Trellidor has expanded its range and developed new technology to give customers a wider choice of security barrier options.  We’ve shared our new products and innovations with customers through HOMEMAKERSfair magazines as well as the HOMEMAKERS Expos in all the main centres.”

The evolution of Trellidor

When Trellidor first started advertising in HOMEMAKERSfair, they just had their familiar trellis-style, sliding security gates (for doors and windows) and fixed burglar bars in production. The manufacturer now offers premium-quality, Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar bars, Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium roller shutters and Trellidor Clear Guard security screens.

We’ve also expanded our fixed burglar proofing range to include a transparent polycarbonate bar – to keep out monkeys and baboons – that has additional strengthening features, which similar products don’t have, making it an ideal security barrier too,” said Rawson.

Rawson maintains that HOMEMAKERSfair has provided Trellidor with an excellent platform for communicating with a wide range of customers on a personal level. The magazine has helped readers find Trellidor franchises near to them to help them with securing their homes and families as well as their businesses.

Trellidor is just one of many clients who have benefited from our advertising services.

Image Credit: Aetos Management

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