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After the restrictions of the last two years, your business is feeling ignored and unseen. It’s begging you to inspire thousands of home improvement clients by strutting your stuff at a home fair. How can you help? Well,

HOMEMAKERS Fair is back and better than ever!
How is it possible for us to have improved perfection, you ask?
With 112 expertly curated events since 1994 featuring hundreds of master exhibitors, it is certainly difficult to imagine that we could get any better!

Come and see for yourself how we have spent the last two years. The HOMEMAKERS team was tweaking, polishing up and waiting in anticipation to deliver even more.

HOMEMAKERS Fair brings you top-notch exhibitors showcasing fantastic products and expertise all under one roof. The Fair allows your clients to browse, compare, and purchase all the things they need for their home and garden. Be part of displaying the current trends in interior design and fresh ideas for every room in every style.

HOMEMAKERS Fair is the major event for professionals working in the art of home design, renovation and lifestyle. The show brings together a comprehensive product scope. Showcase your home improvement, design, interior finishing, furniture, textiles, bathrooms and kitchens ideas. Stay on top of ever-evolving trends, and be inspired.

What we promise:

  • Strict Covid regulations to keep you and our customers safe
  • Assurance that all aspects of our event live up to our discerning requirements
  • Inspiration and a vision for 2022 ingrained into every detail
  • Keep an eye out for the launch of our Gauteng HOMEMAKERS Fair and our events in Cape Town later in 2022. More details to follow soon!
You cannot afford to miss out.