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Balancing Act: How to Manage a Heavy Workload

We get it. Workloads have increased, teams have been spread thin and there are just not enough hours in the day. Our on-demand workflow makes it hard to not keep up and that can be exhausting to employees – especially those with numerous titles. Employees can manage a heavy workload with this sound advice. 

heavy workload

Make Planning a Priority  

Planning is most probably the starting point of all successful team members who manage their time efficiently and effectively. Setting up a timetable or keeping a working document open with all your prioritised jobs will help you plan your schedule and workload much more effectively.  

Focus on Your Strengths  

We all have unique strengths that bring out the best in a company. Playing on your strengths will always give you the confidence boost you need at work. Business coach, Mark Petit says, “In the pursuit of reaching your goals or delivering a project, people end up doing everything themselves or taking on things that don’t play to their unique strengths. This can result in frustration, overwhelm, and a heavy workload you can’t get through”.  

Demonstrate Upward Mobility  

A tip from Kate White. Kate White is a world-renowned bestselling author, career expert, motivational speaker and consultant to Hearst magazines. Longtime Editor-in-Chief of Cosmo. “Try to imagine how your boss might describe you to someone. If the description is less than fabulous, consider why and then kick your butt quickly into gear. Start going to meetings with big, bold ideas, give your full attention to projects, volunteer for new assignments or stuff your boss is too busy for—and then knock it out of the park”.   

Managers who pay attention will see this change and commend you for it. The saying “respect is earned, not given” rings too true here. 

Communicate and be Clear  

This goes both ways. When the clock is ticking, it is important to communicate clearly to your team. Employees should also take every opportunity to communicate their job status with their team leaders.  Don’t wait for your boss to remind you of something you may have already started. Always be on top of things. If you’re doing the work, it’s gonna show.  

Ring the Alarm  

Set reminders and label your emails in order of importance. You also need to make a habit out of checking your calendar to stay on top of things and be prepared for meetings.  Wunderlist and Todoist are useful apps to help you along the way.    

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