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business hibernation

Head Start Instead Of Hibernation

business hibernation

Don’t wait until September the time for waking up from business hibernation is Now. Not Now-now… 

For many of us, the last part of July is often like those days between Christmas and New Year’s. 

You’re not really sure about the day or date, you can’t believe we are already this far into the year and somehow, you’ve gained about 10 kilograms.  

Weighed down and unmotivated we think:  

“I’ll feel better once the days are longer and the sun comes back.” 

That’s a Business Hibernation mindset. But wakey-wakey! Turns out you are not a bear, and you can’t hide in your cave until spring. 

The Opposite Of This Is The Head Start – Mindset.  

By shaking off the winter haze a couple of months earlier than the rest of the world, you can get your business ship-shape come September, and be first out the gate when homeowners wake up and start building, cleaning and revamping again.  

We’ve Come Up With A Checklist To Ease You And Your Business Out Of Hibernation  

  1. Check, confirm and update your business contact details on all listings and references

A link on a website somewhere might be broken or incomplete, and most clients will just continue on to the next service provider and not even bother to get in contact with you. The same goes for email addresses, physical addresses, and contact numbers. 

  1. Check your list of service offerings and products.

Nothing is as off-putting to a customer as phoning you up, only to learn that you don’t offer a specific service or product anymore. Avoid disappointment and bad vibes by keeping things updated. 

  1. Check and re-publish your rates and fees.

Money motivates many customers when they are making decisions about home improvement. Giving them clear and accurate cost estimates will help customers to understand if you are the right provider for them. 

  1. Service your fleet.

If your fleet is already on a service schedule, take a moment to check non-service-related maintenance.  

Tyres and brakes, windshields and windshield wipers, lights and indicators, loading and fastening equipment…  

Ensure that your fleet is ready to go when you get that first call-out. 

  1. Refresh your workforce’s training. 

Before you start the new season, ensure that your entire team are all up to date with SOP’s and safety procedures. This can prevent mistakes or injuries that will only waste time later. 

These might sound like simple things to be spending time on, but if you take a minute now to clean up your act, you’ll thank yourself in the long run!

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