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A simple guide to google’s business tools


by Marion Nowak

Today we turn to Google for almost everything. If it’s a piece of information you’re after, no matter how arbitrary, Google always has the answers. Used at your discretion, Google is the go-to place for everything from health tips and business advice to party ideas and DIY inspiration. If you run a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) you can benefit from Google’s business tools. These tools can help your business to be found in the sea of online search results.

Here we share a few of Google’s business tools to help you get ahead of the competition.


Most certainly one of Google’s most successful online business tools. Google Analytics is a tool that helps businesses measure traffic and track visitor behaviour. This is an important tool to have when companies need help to determine if a website is meeting its goals.

Businesses can track audience engagement, social media traffic, bounce rates and mobile activity. It also shares where information is coming from giving businesses a better understanding of their target market.


Google Adwords is an online business tool where businesses pay for sponsored results or advertisements that appear in search results on These ads also appear on other websites through Google’s AdSense program.

The sponsored results or ads are labelled online with a green “Ad” label. Any result that appears below this sponsored ad is organic. Google ads can be a very effective way of driving traffic to your website. This is an important tool to have when people are searching for the services you may offer.


SME’s have a lot of competition. Google My Business is a tool that can assist you to stand out online. This also helps you connect with relevant customers who are searching for your services on Google.

Google’s other business tool, Get Your Business Online (GYBO) is a project that helps small businesses create a good presence online. Because Google has partnered with organisations all over the world it helps businesses stay on top of Google search results.


Create a Google+ page to build a following. It is a platform where customers can keep coming back for updated information on sales or promotions and other general company news. It is a place where you can bring customers together and align them with your online marketing strategies and campaigns. Everything you post can be shared by your followers creating more awareness of your business online.

Using Google’s helpfull business tools are a smart way to create an online presence that will impress new customers. Get more business advice right here on HOMEMAKERS.

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