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Google ads

Google Ads

Google rules the search domain. With a market value of over 800 billion US dollars, you can imagine why. Google has remained on top of all the search trends. They have optimised their search engine to give users the ultimate best experience. Google ads have been around for 21 years. Yip, internet marketers have been behind for years and we have only in the last decade caught on to the powers that Google ads hold. We share our Google Ads 101. Google Ads comprise of Google’s advertising networks – the search network, the display network, and YouTube to bring its powerful tool together. Did you know that HOMEMAKERS can do it for you?

Google Ads

The Frontrunners 

Google also owns 90 per cent of the worldwide search market. This makes them a force to be reckoned with and their competition is bleak. No one is doing what Google is doing and even if they tried, they would not know-how. 

By the end of their first year, Google ads had returned over 70 million US dollars, making it an instant success. 

Google is known to have many trade secrets making the non-tech folk scratch their heads. We still don’t know how their algorithms work or what they do in the backend to make the company’s brand as successful as it is. 

Ad Copy 

Believe it or not but a good copywriter always comes in handy. You need to know advertising lingo to make an ad successful. Make use of strong power words to increase interaction with your ad. 

A paid ad can only get you so far. What is the point of ranking high in Google with an ad, but the copy is written in an uninteresting style that you lose interest in before even clicking the ad? 

Do your research and make sure you know how to manoeuvre your way around negative keywords, organic keywords, and of course excellent copy to rank high on a Google search. 

When you work in Google Ads you will be able to keep track of your quality score. The higher the score the better. Google offer many courses and you can also beef up your skill by trial and error. Quality ads take time to create. 

Getting Started 

We have put together the ultimate checklist to get you started. 

  1. Create a Google Ads account. 
  2. Determine your campaign’s daily budget and bids.  
  3. Identify your target audience. 
  4. Choose between Google Search Network or Display Network
  5. Select your keywords 
  6. Check out Google’s Keyword Planner tool.  
  7. Review each keyword’s quality score. 
  8. Let your keyword match types — “broad match,” “phrase match,” “exact match,” or “negative match.”  
  9. Create your campaign’s landing page. 
  10. Only include one objective or offer.  
  11. Include a CTA (Call to Action) 
  12. Optimise for mobile. 
  13. Choose which devices to target — desktop, mobile, or both?  
  14. Launch your campaign. 
  15. Monitor your campaign.  
  16. Find ways to optimise your ads all the time. 


HOMEMAKERS can improve your Google Ads performance by up to 350% in the 1st month. The set-up fees include the initial keyword research, campaign setup, ad group setup and advertisement wording. Conversion tracking is also included if your website is compatible. 

Not sure where to begin? Let HOMEMAKERS do it for you. Email us today and find out how we can help you with your internet marketing campaigns.