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End Well, Start Well

The best gift you can give your business this December is a robust set of boundaries. The end of the year is fast approaching and let’s be honest – even with the best intentions, it is fast becoming clear that everything won’t be finished by December. 

Although those clients who only woke up a month or so ago and are now desperate for that patch of pavement, the tiles in the guest bathroom and the brand-new patio to be finished in time for the holidays, might be putting immense pressure on you (and your business), the truth is that rushing through a project won’t help anyone. 

Setting healthy boundaries for yourself, your teams and by implication, your clients and their expectations is a very important part of being a business owner. Overextending your resources to the point where mistakes are made and standards are let slip, doesn’t do your brand any favours.  

end well

Start with Something Small 

Activate your out of office reply a few days earlier and prompt future clients to contact you as soon as the business opens back up in January. Use these last couple of “free” days to end off all your current engagements in such a way that not only will they be safe and secure over December, but also organized for a lightning-fast restart in January. 

December Grind

If you are working through December, for whatever reason, explain to your existing clients that although you and your team have an agreement to continue providing a service straight through the last month of the year, that many of your providers and supporting industries might not be open in this time, which can cause delays in the event of unplanned materials needs.  

Time to Shine

Does your business do emergency repairs and remain open 12 months a year? Now is your time to shine! 

If you are specifically geared to working when most other businesses are closed – you’ll know the cost benefits of being the only service provider available on the 25th of December. You can still ensure that you deliver the best possible service and support your team as well as your clients with a bit of thorough planning. 

Before the school holidays start make sure that your tools and machinery are whole, complete and in good repair. If you have a fleet of vehicles, arrange for routine services, and ensure that things like spare tires are in place. (You don’t want to be on your way to a call-out and then be the one in need of rescuing!) 

By stocking up on some essential supplies you can ensure seam-free and continuous service delivery to your clients when most other businesses won’t even be taking calls.  

Start planning your staff register ahead of time and help your team to find some balance through the festive season, even if it will be a “working holiday”. 

With a little bit of planning your business can cruise through the silly season, and start the new year with a bang! We hope you end well, start well!

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