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Good boss, great leader

Being a good boss does not show in the profit you make. Your company can have a great turnaround, but that does not necessarily mean you’re the nice guy around the office. A good boss is hard to come by and according to Justyna Polacczy from the LiveChat blog, being a boss means that you’re in charge of a team or the whole organization. “A boss is supposed to assign tasks, have control over employees and make crucial decisions. Being a leader means being able to influence and inspire others – to make the best of them. It’s a person that leads others by example, has a vision and stays committed to his or her goals”.

Consider these successful tools the next time you are around your team.

Praise Good Work

When you see an employer is doing their utmost best to keep the wheels rolling, tell them! Employees value praise from their employer. This gives them a sense of accomplishment, with the desire to do better in the future. Thank them by name, and be specific about what you are giving them praise for. Statistics show that employees who received praise on a regular basis were not only happier in their jobs but also felt more motivated to get the job done.

Value Their Feedback

Nothing is worse than a boss who does not value any feedback. Feedback from anyone in the company is valuable and should always be welcomed with a great attitude. Encourage employees to share their ideas and feedback in person or in writing. No feedback should be considered negative from your employees. They see the company from a different perspective than you and could be picking up on things you simply do not have time to pay attention to.

Inspire Them

Easier said than done. But employees want to look up to their bosses. You want employees to strive to be like you. Make time to share your vision with employees so that they can see your determination and passion. People love to know that they are part of something important. Encourage your employees to develop their skills and do not be afraid to share your knowledge with them. 

These simple steps can make a big difference in the attitude of your employees. Try to inspire, value and praise your team this week and see the difference it makes. Check back regularly for more great business news and advice right here on HOMEMAKERS

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