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Clean up website copy

Give a good first impression

Clean up website copy
Give your copy a good scrubbing!


Clarity matters when you are trying to communicate with your clients.

The world is connected, clients are online, and most of them are inundated with jargon and unnecessary, unhelpful, and overwhelming information.

One way to help your business stand out is to make sure that your online presence is pristine. Having a precise, concise website and clear message across all your platforms will allow prospective clients to find your online presence, and trust your expertise, based on your professionalism.


In this age of words, algorithms and search engine preferences, the right words matter more than ever.

Does your expertise lie in building construction instead of sentence construction? Do your words need polishing and your language refining?

There are many services out there that offer just that – small scale PR and Communication consultants who can help you get you message across easily.

But these consultants come at a premium. What if you just want your spelling and grammar checked, and your language cleaned up?


This is where DIY grammar checking software comes in handy.

One of the best and most well-known grammar checking software programs is Grammarly, but there are many alternatives available, based on your specific needs.

These products will check spelling, grammar, and cohesiveness as well as alert you to ambiguities and provide alternatives you can substitute for the sake of clarity. Most of them can even pick up on plagiarism – protecting you form unnecessary legal entanglements.


Using this kind of software can not only clean up your website copy, but can also ensure that all your communications, across all platforms are clean, clear and on point. Whether it is a social media post, an advert, email, or newsletter, do yourself and your business a favour and get your copy “dry cleaned” by a DIY grammar checking program.


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