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Four things you might not know about our home improvement magazine

We all crave a behind-the-scenes look into the businesses we want to enter a partnership with. Customers want to know more about the product and brand to be able to identify whether they are trustworthy or not. We know that when our customers are thinking about doing business with us they would like to have some additional information. The bottom line is customers want to know how their money is being spent. Rest assured, with us you will be taken care of. Here’s a closer look at who we are and what value we bring to the table.


Many advertisers have been showcasing their brands in our publications since our first issue came off the press. Trellidor for instance has been in business for 37 years and for 30 years they have remained loyal to HOMEMAKERS publications. Even new clients recognise our business value, according to Glenn Jones from Built In Concepts, “we have remained consistent in our advertising with HOMEMAKERSfair over the last 3 years, and I believe that this is largely the reason for our good fortune to date.”

For other businesses print advertising is all they need, according to Brad Wood CEO of Park Lane Decor “The cornerstone of this relationship has been the ability of HOMEMAKERS to reach our target market and to generate the results we had always expected. For most of the 17 years, our sole advertiser in the print media has been HOMEMAKERS and this is a testament to their success in our area.”


If you were to advertise in any other magazine, how much do you think it would cost? It would surely start moving into the thousands, but with us you can advertise for as little as 5 cents per copy with design, print and distribution all inclusive! Now that’s a sweet deal! And it’s advertising that lasts, thanks to the durability of the print material we use. According to Estelle Venter, the Director of Product Development at HOMEMAKERS Media Holdings “our print catalogues are portable, lightweight and aspirational; they’re designed to be picked up and used repeatedly,” and for consumers that aren’t ready to buy right now they can still come back to any one of our home improvement magazines even six months down the line.


We offer a segmented distribution across the country, consumers will never be too far away from you. Everything about our operation is a systematic process to ensure the maximum exposure of your home improvement brand, which is why we also showcase our publications online, averaging 85 000 hits per month. Our home improvement magazines are also the only national direct home improvement magazine with ABC (Audited Bureau of Circulation) accreditation, their primary function “is the certification and provision of accurate and comparable circulation figures,” to assist advertisers in the buying and selling of promotional material.


It’s understandable that as an advertiser you’ll want to be able to distinguish the value between the two publications. On the one hand, Renovate has more of a focus on repair and maintenance, HOMEMAKERSfair on the other hand, features adverts that appeal to improving the ambience of consumer’s homes. Essentially both are similar in the type of adverts we air. We simply have more than one publication to provide advertisers more space to show off their brands.

Undeniably, our home improvement magazines are the best platform to utilise for advertisers looking to engage with a niche market and it’s the best place to source for reliable services and products for homemakers. Connect with homemakers who are looking to engage with you. To gain deeper insight into our demographics and distribution statistics, download our rate card below.

Image Credit: The Oz Blog

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