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The final say: what marketing experts think about print media

There is no doubt that the past decade marketers have seen an explosion in the amount of digital content being consumed. The global debate on the future of print has called into question where this traditional advertising model fits in today’s digital world. But consumers do not feel the same way according to extensive research. Which means as a marketer you would be unwise to exclude print media from your advertising campaigns. What makes print media so appealing to marketers is the fact that it’s able to provide exactly the right space to air the relevant brand campaign and connect with a highly niche audience. Stick around to get the inside scoop on what marketers think about print media’s place is in the marketing landscape.

Why print isn’t dead, dying or even remotely sick

The reality is that print is all around us, however people don’t easily associate it with marketing. When you think about it businesses use print more than they realise. It’s in the direct mail they send, the brand signage on windows and doors and banners on their front doorsteps. According to Print Media Centre, without it brands would lack individuality and be unable to communicate their individual brand messages. Society as we know it would come to a complete standstill if we were to give into this myth that print is dead. Consumer demand for magazine media remains steady, according to this white paper commissioned by The Association of Print Media. People continue to read magazine prints in various forms and formats, in fact the demand for print consumption has never been more robust.

Print media shows significant ROI for marketing campaigns

Print magazines performing well in a quantitative sense is not a new thing. This should please marketers who rely on metrics to calculate the success of their campaigns. The same white paper points out that: “Studies based on market mix models tell us that print magazines perform exceedingly well against important advertiser KPIs such as ad recall, persuasion, brand consideration, purchase intention and actual purchase.” This is still the case when print media is combined with other marketing assets leading to the conclusion that both digital and print media can co-exist and more importantly be allies. Your campaign is strengthened when print media and digital works together. Firstly, you will reach more people and secondly, when consumers first see a print ad they are more likely to resonate with all digital representations of the brand. The key lies in choosing the right mix of online and offline platforms to boost significant investment. For instance, you could run a competition, advertise it in our lifestyle magazine and then prompt readers to head on down to your Facebook page for more information.

Print provides a sensory experience like no other

Marketing is all for personalisation, therefore it makes sense to point out that consumers want to be brought into the real world by being able to feel paper and hear the pages flip. This creates a deeper connection between the brand and consumer. “Print is interesting because it actually provokes people to read it,” Says Britt Fero, Publicis’ Executive Vice President, “If you have time to read a magazine, then you’re going to really engage with the ads in there.” When we read anything in print form we retain more of what we’re reading. By making use of promotional printed material, you will provide your consumers with a unique experience, improve the understanding and retention of the marketing messages you are delivering and increase your revenue.

For marketers these are compelling reasons to invest in magazine advertising. We are confident that our publications play a vital role in the marketing mix to deliver measureable results. Broaden your horizons and gain access to a niche market that is ready to buy now or are on the verge of buying. For more insight into the magazine advertising industry download our state of print report below.

Image Credit: Huffington Post

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