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Facebook for small businesses

Navigating the Tricky Waters of Facebook for Small Businesses 

Using Facebook for small businesses has become a vital element for any company that needs an online presence that generates leads and sales. Find out why Facebook is so important and how you can get started. 

Facebook for small businesses

Why is Facebook Presence an Important Business Tool? 

  • Facebook is still the number one social media platform, and a major source of information for the biggest majority of internet users.  
  • Facebook for small businesses allows you to enter into direct conversations with your potential customers. 
  • You can add a personal touch and human feel to your business. It doesn’t have to be curated and perfect. Just real and consistent.   
  • Use the “About” section to introduce yourself and your team. Explain how your business started and how many years of experience you have.  
  • Always refer to your business in the plural. Pronouns like “Us” “We” and “Our” makes your business sound like a team.  

Starting out, you don’t have to spend thousands on a social media coordinator, or professional photography. Simply get into the habit of using your Facebook page like you would use the village bulletin board of old. 

Give Clear Information

Post a cell phone pic or selfie of you and your team. Put a face to the names. Show your customers who’ll be pitching up at their properties. This goes a long way towards building confidence.  

What do you do?  

Take pictures of completed work or work in progress sites. (Get permission from your customer before posting and don’t post precise addresses, dates, or names.)  

Say something like:   

“We are proud of this installation we did last month in Gauteng/Pretoria/Brooklyn!” 

Where and how can you be reached?  

Something as simple as:  

“WhatsApp us a picture of the problem and let’s talk!”  

This type of post makes you instantly accessible and will attract customers who might not necessarily know how to (or want to publicly) comment or send a private message on Facebook.  

Word of Mouth Made Easy 

Another important aspect of having at least a recognizable business name and basic contact info on Facebook is to make use of the community recommendation feature. Often, when people have a specific need, they will ask for recommendations on a Facebook group that is geographically connected or a group of people with similar likes and interests. By making your business available on Facebook you can be tagged and recommended by previous satisfied customers. This makes the process of word of mouth easier.  

Even if you don’t have the capacity to run a full-time business profile on Facebook, at least spend a couple of hours ensuring that the following is available and up to date:  

  • Business name 
  • Physical location (if applicable)  
  • Area of business/willingness to travel 
  • Contact details (Cell phone number at least) 
  • Hours of business and annual closures  
  • Rates (if they are fixed) or quote process  

How do I deal with negative attention?  

Being more visible has the upside of attracting more customers and getting good reviews to help boost your online visibility. But be warned though that Facebook (the whole internet actually) is not always the friendliest place.  

As much as you can get positive reviews, Facebook can also be the place where disgruntled customers go to vent. But don’t despair! All bad reviews aren’t bad – use this as a way of growing your service offering, but also as a way to showcase your conflict resolution skills in public.  

Do you understand the complaint lodged against your business?  

Be honest and express a sincere apology. Offer to make amends and leave the door open for future conversations.  

Don’t agree with the bad review?  Now is your chance to explain your side of the story and perhaps clear up any confusion.  

If you have proof of emails or communication proving your point mention it, but be extremely wary of posting screenshots, or documents. Rather invite the disgruntled customer to contact you once more, privately, to come to an agreement.  

Always remain calm, double check your own facts, and remember that Social Media posts are permanent and searchable – so don’t say anything you’ll end up regretting 5 years from now.  

The number one thing to remember when dealing with online negativity is: 

Don’t feed the trolls! 

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