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Effective ways to motivate employees

by Marion Nowak

Employees need motivation and they need it often. This may require business owners to think of creative ways to not only connect with employees but to find ways to tap in on what motivates them. Believing in your company is easy, but employees can be unpredictable when it comes to hard work. Let’s look at some effective ways to motivate employees.



If you let your employees know that you depend on them, they will fulfil your expectations. It is important to show your confidence in your staff. This pays off in the form of employee loyalty. If employees know you depend on them, they will feel a sincere obligation to fulfil that expectation. 

Radiate Positivity

Good energy always rubs off on people. A motivated leader can get a whole team to join in on the positivities. Have a relaxed attitude around your co-workers in the sense that it’s ok for employees to listen to music, make jokes and have fun. The phrase “works hard, play hard” sums this point up.

Be Transparent

Employees want transparency as much as you do. Have an open-door policy at the office and make employees feel included. Encourage them for their feedback and include them when you are making decisions about the office.

Mutual Respect

We speak to people the way we want to be spoken to. Simple words like “please” and “thank you” are appreciated by your employees and other team members. When employees feel that they matter, they will automatically feel confident about their positions in the company.


Incentive and reward programs are known to be very successful. Small incentives can do your employee’s performance very good. Something as small as a “thank you” or offering a day off or giving more flexibility will give your employee the motivation they need to return to work with added enthusiasm. 

Creating a culture around motivating your employees will pay off in the long run. Find more inspiration for your employees’ performance right here on the HOMEMAKERS Business Hub.


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