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Customer Service Skills

Many business owners are not aware of the fact that good customer service guarantees more businessThe statistics state that 86 per cent of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience. When people are treated well, they tend to return and spend more money. There are four factors that determine excellent customer service. Customer service must be:  personalised, competent, convenient, and proactive.  

customer service


Not one customer is the same. Your company may have certain policies in place to assist customers both during and after their purchase, but that does not mean it is a one-size-fits-all policy. The human experience plays a big role here. When customers can see a face they can connect with, things seem to run much smoother. It’s human nature.  Steer clear of automated voice prompts and bots when it comes to customer service. Automated voice prompts and bots work great in other areas of the business.


The more knowledge your customer care team has, the better. When customer care teams know a lot about the business and product, it seems to resolve problems much easier than with customer care teams who lack knowledge. Customers have also identified competence as a big part of the overall outcome of a customer service issue. 


If a customer must struggle to get a hold of a customer service representative, then it is no good. Customers should be able to reach your customer care team through whichever channel is most convenient for them. This is why having updated social media pages and websites is so crucial in good business practice. Whether people want to email, Whatsapp, call or direct message (DM)  you on social platforms – they must be able to. 


Let your customers know there will be delays before they have to call you to check up on their orders. It is very frustrating for customers to, firstly find someone to complain to who will possess these qualities mentioned here, and secondly, not get updated on any delays or backorders. Find a system that your sales team can follow to easily update customers. This could be via email or adding that personal touch and giving the customer a call.  

It is essential to create a customer service experience for your customers that is aligned with these qualities. Train your team well and it will pay off in more ways than one.